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Repea t ste ps 1 throu gh 3 until indica tor P reads. Also remove everything in this list from your library.

Are you sure you want to continue? Plot this point counting from the DIR offset point! The coupling halves are closer at the bott om than at the top. Ensure positive offsets are plotted above the horizontal reference line and negative procsdure are plotted below the line.

After plotting the two points, to determine the movable shaft position perform the following steps:. Negative values mean that the movable machine is low, so you will add shims.

Upon completion of the steps above, the graph will look similar to the one shown below. Do NOT make human errors substituting real values into the equations. Set the face dial indicator to read zero.

Rim & Face Alignment Method – Reliabilityweb: A Culture of Reliability

See Section 2 for details. As shim changes are made, check for and take precautions to avoid creating soft foot conditions. Otherwise the vertical angular alignment will be affected.

Also observe the following rules: Rotate the dials to Never attach the fixture to the flexible portion of the pdd. Maximize the sweep distance of the face dial indicator for the geometry of the machine being aligned. Fixture Mounting Precautions Regardless of the specific hardware being used, the following precautions should be observed.

It is desirable to have degrees of rotation. It is helpful if this line is on top of one of the bold lines. Using a ruler or straightedge, draw a line through the two offset points that extends to the rear feet of the movable machine. Correct by either sliding the shaft end of the driver to the left or the other end to the right.

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Determine the vertical foot positions. To plot the offsets, perform the following steps:. Horizonta l Correction Side-to-Side. A unit is in parallel alignment when indicator P para llel indicator does not vary by more than. Determining Movable Shaft Position After plotting the two points, to determine the movable shaft position perform the following steps: Determine the vertical scale.

Rotate both shafts to 3: One is the offset measured in the plane of the rim dial indicator DIR. With the coupling broken, mount the fixture to the stationary shaft or coupling hub.

Are you sure you want to delete this list? Make the third vertical line representing the point along the shaft length of the rear feet of the movable machine RF. Corr ect by either lower ing the driver feet at the shaft end remo ve shims or raising the driver feet at the other end add shims. Standard graph paper is about 10 inches across. Use the horizontal line representing the stationary shaft centerline as the reference.

Rotate the dial indicators to Close Dialog Are you sure?

Alignment Face And Rim Method

If the movable shaft is above the horizontal stationary shaft reference line the shaft is too high. Rotate the dial indicators to 3: Loosen hold down bolts prior to making alignment corrections. Determine the horizontal plotting scale. Mount the dial indicators fixtures.

Ensure proper horizontal and vertical scaling techniques are consistently used.

Perform operations inside parenthesis first. Positive values at the feet mean that the a,ignment machine is high, therefore you will remove shims. Also observe the following rules:.