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Catching Jordan seemed more light hearted.

Stealing Parker

For not being labelled as Christian Fiction, I wasn’t expecting this approach in the story. In both Stealing Parker and Catching Jordan, there’s no “why,” there’s no passion and there’s no emotion in the sports narrative.

Stealing Parker is an incredible contemporary YA, about love, friendship, relationships, and of course, the best thing ever, baseball. The elements that make this story strong – questions of faith, romance and familial issues – were really written well. Also the kehneally of the characters from Catching Jordan made the book a more of a joy read.

Court of Appeals Language: Really funny, genuine and.

Quotes from Stealing Parker. Well, something similar does happen here. When I confronted Laura about what her dad had said, that Paarker might turn out like my mom-a lesbian, a sinner-we got into a huge fight because I said her father wasn’t being a good Christian toward me.

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I was a little older, but a similar situation occurred in my life and the way that certain people in her church handled things was very reminiscent of my own experience. She was very selfish about their relationship, but I’m glad that in the end she was regretful about the way she handled things.

She becomes a social pariah in her town but when her mom leaves she makes sure everyone is clear of one thing: Mirands was just a lot of fun to read about a great group of characters living large when it’s good and being there for each other when it’s bad.

Conflicting emotions for loving her mother and hating her for leaving. I found the whole plot pretty formulaic and while the author tried to tackle important issues I think it failed to really drive home the point. There was a stewling filtering reviews right now. In stealing Parker, we’ve got Parker, a girl that is out to prove to the world, or at least her christian community, mrianda she is not like her mother; she likes guys.

We had our diapers changed together. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Why limit herself to high school boys when the majorly cute new baseball coach seems especially flirty? He’s hot, and he knows it, but it’s not overstated. Wish there was another book like this and Catching Jordan also a must read i would be the first to buy it. They are so fantastic.

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I need to just take a moment. But then again, Parker is only 17, even though you know it is bad, you still want to read about this relationship.

Stop chatting with him and sending texts! My problem, however, was Parker felt like she had to prove she likes boys and the heavily religious aspect to the story.

I just went through GR average ratings and decided to read that which has the lowest average. When everything falls apart, Parker has to try to work things out with her mom, the one person who has always had her back through thick and thin. What is Load Average? I don’t know why but I found that concept extremely sexy.

But these characters, especially Parker, are just so real. Luckily, it doesn’t stay too heavy.