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This article page can show you the best articles you will love to try judicial system of pakistan pdf download just open this page for getting the amazing articles you need. This Article originally written on judicial system of pakistan pdf download Jydicial by Ata Rehman Zaki, it has been modified recently by Hamariweb Editors’ team with slightly changes of data and updated info according to recent updates.

Shabbir, Karachi on Sep, 19 Reply 0. The Court consists of a Chief Justice and other judges, appointed by the President as per procedure laid down in the Constitution.

The Judicial System of Pakistan. Comments will be online after Moderator Review. The information regarding the judicial system of Pakistan, this article gives the great knowledge. Each High Court consists of a Chief Justice and other judges.

Once the Judicial Commission approves a new name for appointment as the judge of the Federal Shariat Court, it goes to an Eight member Parliamentary Committee that has equal representation palistan the government and the opposition as well as of two houses.

The Judicial System of Pakistan – Other/Miscellaneous Articles : 01

A person with 5 years experience as judicial system of pakistan pdf download Judge of a High Court or 15 years standing as an judicial system of pakistan pdf download of a High Court is eligible to be appointed as judge of the Supreme Court.

It is the Court of ultimate appeal and therefore the final arbiter of law and the Constitution. I like to read and get various information which is necessary to know as a Judicial system of pakistan pdf download. Juvenile Courts Section 4 of the JJSO authorizes the Provincial Government to establish one or more juvenile courts for any local area within its jurisdiction, in consultation with the Chief Justice of the high court. This is against the ethics of writing.

The Sessions court is also a trial court for heinous offences such as Murder, Rape, Haraba offences armed robbery where specific amount of gold and cash is involvedand is also appellate court for summary conviction offences and civil suits of lesser value. But you have not even mentioned his name. Section 6 of the JJSO prescribes special procedure for the juvenile courts which involves issues like not ordinarily taking up any other case on a day when the case of a child accused is fixed for evidence on such day; attendance of only specified persons in the court; and dispensing with the attendance of the child in the trial.

At this level, disputes are settled by a Jirga, a council of tribal elders. How to pull Pakistan out of Heavy Debt? In this era of independent judiciary, the High Courts should stand up against the governments on this issue and refuse to confer powers on the already over-burdened courts and instead should insist upon establishing exclusive juvenile courts.

The article based on ‘The Judicial System of Pakistan’ gives me a great knowledge about the system in which Pakistan laws based. The number fixed at the moment is Chief Justice and 16 judges. An Act of Parliament has determined the number of judges.

These courts have exclusive jurisdiction over matters relating to personal status. This information about Judiciary is quite informative.

Qualifications mentioned for the post of a Judge are, 10 years experience as an advocate of a High Court or 10 years service as a civil servant including 3 years experience as a District Judge or 10 years experience in a psf office.

Country like Pakistan is deprived for such an effective and transparent judicial system that can punish the culprit irrespective of his power and authority and save the innocent. When hearing criminal cases, it is called the Sessions Court, and when it hears civil cases, the District Court. Judicial system of pakistan pdf download Dear, Please do acknowledge others when making cut and paste. Its decisions are binding on all other courts. Read More Articles by: Ministry of Law and Justice is an advisory service organization providing services to all the offices of Federal and Provincial Governments on legal, judicial and constitutional matters.

For appointment of Chief Justice, however, the most senior judge of the Federal Shariat Court judicial system of pakistan pdf download excluded from the composition of the Pakishan. The Parliamentary Committee, for reasons to be recorded, may not confirm the recommendation by three-fourth majority, in which instance the decision is forwarded to the Commission through the Prime Minister and the Commission sends another nomination.

systej Mubeen, Lahore on Jul, 14 Please Wait Submitting Comments Find out the good articles in this website for your diaries and for your life purpose many people love to read articles which is amazing. General knowledge questions about intelligence and IQ testing.

Judicial System of Pakistan

Ten years have passed, and not a single such court has been established; and instead the High Courts have been conferring status of the juvenile courts on the existing judicil. Do not have MyPage!

According to section 17 of the Family Court Act,the provisions of C. Kya Qayamat Qareb Hay? Create Now Guest Login: Yaqoob, khi on Sep, 13 The Constitution of Pakistan delegate the superior judiciary with the obligation to preserve, protect and defend the constitution.

The High Court cannot be doing this on their own, and must be instructed by the provincial governments to do so.

ssytem The Islamisation of the legal system began in earnest under General Zia ul Haq This Committee has two weeks to review the recommendation after which if the recommendation is approved, it goes to the Prime Minister who forwards the same to the President for appointment.

Shah, Islamabad on Feb, 12 Between andIslamic law was largely restricted to the sphere judicial system of pakistan pdf download personal status issues, such as marriage, inheritance and divorce.