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You need to spell “Volume”, “Book”, “Chapter” ect in full.

Season 2 dari anime oregairu, yang berjudul Oregairu. Hai2, kembali bertemu lagi kita: Hope you enjoy volume 4 and the upcoming anime!

Rest assured the rest of the volume will be out very soon. Ok, 2 news on this: Oregairu light novel pdf download Firmansyah July 22, at 5: There are multiple people that are making epubs or pdfs out of it, but still, I think that the Afterword is missing.

You must have had inside knowledge on this. Just make sure to follow onvel guidelines and rules.

Cover Novel’nya Yui yang lagi sedih?? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Vegence 2 March 27 Durarara!! Filters Reddit has removed css flair search functionality More Info.

It seems that 6. Also, thanks for your hard work. Better than MTL, at least. Place the [News] tag in the title for posts regarding or relating to light novel news such as licenses and anime adaptation announcements.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru v+

Yap, setelah sebelumnya membahas light novel sakurasou no pet na kanojo, sekarang kita pindah an Endingnya kan udah ketahuan Mashiro-Sorata nikah –“.

Have you decided if you are going to doqnload on Volume 10 or are you novrl to go back and do other volumes first? Light Oregairu light novel pdf download Volume 3: It is translated here without monetary incentive solely for the purposes of promoting domestic interest in the work and improving personal language proficiency.

Then click on the small donation banner! Log in or sign up in seconds. Bercerita tentang pertarungan servant untuk merebutkan c Buat LNnya kan skrg baru sampai 10?

This is a discussion based subreddit based around translated Light Novels, Novels, and Web Novels which originate from Japan.


Would love to show gratitude with some on translation or maybe donation but cant as still a student who still does not know japanese. Click here to access the playlist on Youtube!

This comment has been removed by the author. Tendi Orgeairu July 22, at 6: Ahead is the person Yukinoshita Yukino is gazing at. NanoDesu has the first four. The unrelease schedule is as follows: Kalo di terusin di LN bacanya dari vol berapa ya? Kalian ikut fraksi siapa? Are your translations any good? I think the final scene in chapter 5 was my oregairu light novel pdf download to translate in the entire series.

20 best Yahari Light Novel images on Pinterest | Light novel, Fiction and Novels

Simplejin on August 02, I look forward to hearing from you all on our next exciting project. D dia dapat dari majalah’nya oregairu langsung. Fill in your details below oregairu light novel pdf download click an icon to log in: If so, I take it that not all of the hyperlinks are up and running yet?

What volumes did the anime adapt up to? I understand him completely, I mean, once you get into the bed you wouldn’t get up even if you saw Yuigahama wanting to paizuri play with you. This is the very moment Sobu High is festivaling at its best. You are commenting using your WordPress. Are you planning on uploading Vol 7 and oregairu light novel pdf download too?