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Because of this first half I put down the book and classified it as DNF, furthermore, I almost gave up on the whole series.

It took me quite a while to finish this rownload because I kept putting it down for days at a time before picking laurell k hamilton kiss the dead pdf download back up which is not a good sign. Later in the book when a couple of investigators come and talk to her, she conveniently forgets she’s done this and twists the conversation into being all about her zexxy life, which makes them jealous whiner babies.

Hamilto how long and curly everyone’s hair is, or how blonde Nicky, devil, envy, pride’s hair is, or Nathaniel’s hair that is dragging on the floor? I have waited a long time for this new installment in Anita Blake series.

Kiss the Dead – Laurell K Hamilton – Download Free ebook

Seduced By Moonlight Laurell K. I loved the virginlike Anita of the firs books, not particularly because she was virginlike but because she actualy did things like policework or have friends, now she is either having sex, thinking about sex or killing people. For those who like statistics, the only “main” characters which were not on stage were the werewolves.

And then there’s the opening scene.

Because then the book couldn’t be dominated by- you guessed it- SEX!!! And where would we be without Anita complaining about being under suspicion for her relationships with paranormals?

It is Anita having the same internal monologs and opinions we have heard before. If downloav read any of the more recent Anita Blake books you know what she enjoys in bed, but Ms Hamilton seems to feel the need to tell us all over again.

Books by Laurell K. That was pretty hawt.

Kiss the Dead

The first half of the book dexd all vampire hunting with RPIT. Transworld Digital, December If there was any doubt that this series is now only about sex, this book will remove it. Enjoy it while you can; in the next book no one will have ever heard of alligators.

Plot wise, RPIT is looking for a group of vampires who kidnapped a child and are planning to turn her. Laurfll character’ For as many complaints as there have been about where the series is going, I laurell k hamilton kiss the dead pdf download BEYOND excited to see the next book, and where it’s going.

Well, I have already invested so much time and efforts in this series. But even When a fifteen-year-old girl is abducted by vampires, it’s up to U. I guess she’s not into the Mommy Kink.

There was absolutely no advancement of the entire series after this book. Same ol’ same ol’ angst. The majority of the book was filled with Anita’s monologues in her head. I feel like I missed something. I kept naively hoping that things would get better, and I thought the last instalment was passable.

I have read this series 3 times. While pdc amount of time spent on getting busy is by comparison, greatly diminished, it continues to dominate the story. I loved this series at one point.

I was particularly happy that we were back in St. The problem is they don’t have the restraint they need and they end up killing people. They tried that and it failed. This was the hardest, longest read for me, repetitive, boring book.