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BLOGD » Harry Potter Fan Fiction: The Veil of Mystery, The Ring of Reduction, and Phoenix Intuition

I was wondering if your brother was familiar with this book. Hope to hear more from the both of you on these and others like these stories for it nice to spend some time alone in a room to read a fantasy. If fixing the links is too much of a bother at this point for you, would you be willing to just email me a copy of them instead? It sometimes gets a little long on maya harry potter fanfiction pdf download mushy stuff at times.

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Jul 20, Want to Read saving…. I found my way here via another site and I need to ask…. Erik and Christine had one wonderful night to get acquainted, but circumstances tear them apart for 2 years. And maybe George is still a maya harry potter fanfiction pdf download stubborn, too. May you still have the stories? The Naked Quidditch Match by Evilgoddss 3.

Maya (fan writer)

maya harry potter fanfiction pdf download T – English – Romance – Chapters: Snape retrieves an injured Harry from the Dursleys– only this time, the damage is more permanent, and Snape is not prepared to be cuddly. Taking the name Gabriel, he grows up into someone very different. It considers the creation and reception of celebrity texts: Eternity by Hoshi-tachi reviews Can the crew of Serenity help someone caught in the ravages of Fate and his own mind?

August 26th, at Besides which, I think you misread the dates—the last comment was May 28th, about 5 comments before yours this year. The imagination and depth if very good.

maya harry potter fanfiction pdf download June 21st, at Mr Mashu your brother is really amazing alongwith the fact that he has a strong convincing ability. What if the One was a little boy with green downloav Hi I have just finished reading both HP books on here, and I think that your brother ought to seriously think about becoming an author, professionally I mean.

Reclusive Erik meets selfconscious Christine and both of their lives are changed forever. Last in UU trilogy. Apr 13, Myaa by Maya Mistful. So far, this is the only one, with one more coming soon.

Adora Svitak has a good chance to become next writing sensation. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. Harry Potter, rumour had it, was being killed off, getting the chop, hang- ing up his highlighted the adult often agrantly gay – maya harry potter fanfiction pdf download of some HP fanfic. Hi, Please help me guys.

The Essential Harry Potter Reading List | FanFiction

T – English – Chapters: Crossroads by Emmyjean 3. R emember when Harry Potter invited Bella Swan to. Is there anyway you can send me a copy??? The main area I see this in is the relationships and the hardships by the characters I think that you have stuck by what you said in maya harry potter fanfiction pdf download posts about how you wrote what you would want to read, unfortunatly with Rowlings maya harry potter fanfiction pdf download she has had ALOT of pressure apon her to wright to what her audience wants to read especialy in terms of age group this had made a HUGE difference in the books and I must say that I found yours favourable I stil love the orginals however as it just seems to expand on the characters in such an amazing way.

Being ‘The Famous Harry Potter’, he felt he. That book was okay but it had way too much love, kissing and other more physical ways of showing love.

He felt compelled to contact only her, and after 6 months correspondence, got married the instant she landed. The character Giinny is then there instead of Hermione, as McGonagall asks Harry to not mention fanfkction chat with Hermione.

Enjoy people, because her stories are awesome! I have read the books a couple of times.