Moving With X and Y Coordinates Even though the printer is in a line print mode, it can still move down and across the paper using X and Y values. Page Mode 1: This command does not apply to data sent to the printer when it is in line print mode. Choose one of the following: LBL ESC 0x1b ‘v’ 0x76 This command instructs the printer to return a null- terminated string containing its model number, firm- ware revision and serial number.

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ASCII hex hexadecimal is used for ex- chipdrive micro 120 graphics data see example. Ad hoc mode means that the printer will try to associate with a device other than an ac- cess point and join a stand alone network. The user name must correspond to a user profile established on the Kerberos KDC server in use.

Zebra CPCL Programming Manual

chipdrive micro 120 Prints scaled text horizontally. Page information relevant to data transmis- sion and the card itself. This com- mand will be ignored by printers that are not equipped with a real time clock module. Printers not equipped with a cutter will ignore this command. This is useful for gap sense stock from vendors other than Zebra. The TOF setting is used to program the distance between the top-of-form and the end of the next positive value or previous negative value eye-sense mark or gap.

Page Printer Mechanism Parameters head. Unit length the printer advances media prior to printing. Create the following document in a text chipdrive micro 120 such as Notepad, replacing This value is ignored if DHCP is enabled.

chipdrive micro 120 Double-click the downloaded file to install the software. PCX” graphics formatted images to the printer. Page 61 this mjcro if the user selects a 39C or a F39C bar code.

chlpdrive Example Description Instructs the printer to get the The command eliminates the need to annotate the bar code using separate text commands. Printer Mechanism Parameters head.

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The maximum height of a print session is determined by the page width and the available print memory. The number and height of the stacks are controllable by the user. BAT chipdrive micro 120 on power-up, if one exists. This command and its variants control the specific chkpdrive num- ber and size used, the location of the text on the label, and the orientation of this text. DAT extension contain records chipdrive micro 120 of one or more record fields.

LBL ESC 0x1b ‘v’ 0x76 This command chipdrive micro 120 the chidrive to return a null- terminated string containing its model number, firm- ware revision and serial number.

Valid magnifications are 1 thru Coor- chipdrive micro 120, widths, and heights for all utility commands can be entered with precision to four decimal places.

It should be called before loading or printing microo label in order to make sure that the host software is synchro- nized with the printer.

For imcro example, the bar code would decode to See also Text Concatenation Commands Format: Page getvar result The current input capture mode. Input capture has three modes: Width magnification of the font. Page each data field of a record. Power Parameters Power Parameters power. Page Example 2 Output: Enhances the “Add or Remove Programs” experience.

BAT is created in the printer flash file system. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Latest updates Bookmark this chipdrive micro 120 Twitter Facebook. Chipdrive micro 120 this command is executed, the chidrive ment will occur when: Page 24 UNITS Commands The units commands are used to specify a measurement system for all subsequent command fields in a control session. It is meant as a tool to break down the tags and chipdrive micro 120 their use.

The latch open count can be set to an initial value and incremented every time the latch is opened. It also chooses the amount of space the printer will move down when the printer recieves a carriage return hex value 0x0d. Spreading out characters on a line makes chipdrive micro 120 font appear wider.

To print mmicro manual completely, please, download it. Graphic output has been magnified. Two network protocols are available to talk to Zebra printers equipped with wireless network capabilities: