T Control 87 Fifteen strangers take part in an experiment to learn whether such a group can survive in a cramped Fallout shelter. King Zandor and a group of bizarre creatures Rock Ape, Gleep, Gloop, and the gang protect their futuristic kingdom from creatures from other galaxies Herculoids, The: Target Earth 74 Under the depths of a lake located near a small town, lies a strange alien spacecraft that is emitting signals. The last of these mutineers has just died and the island is now populated solely by their widows and children including Thursday October Christian, son of Fletcher Christian. X10 Clash of Steel 62 aka:

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Hard to find classic.

A nice slice of 70’s idiocy. Known as “Tidal Wave” in America when it hit theatres here in the 70’s, this is the complete Japanese version. Uncut version with more violence in this early Peplum. Golden Swallow – Colorful Chop Fooey action! L76 Superargo versus Diabolicus 67 A superhero battles a madman eapion on stealing uranium to take over the world SuperBoy 1 hour of SuperBoy cartoons Superman and Molemen 51 l espion digital dream for the series- George Reeves Supermen vs.

Amazons and L espion digital dream – Essentially super-stooges vs.

B57 Kindar the Invulnerable 64 Mark Forest. K24 Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle Disc 1 – 76 Animated Tarzan from the 70’s with lots of lost worlds and fantasy elements – 3 discs available.

Moreau 77 B Island of the Blue Dolphins 64 Celia Kaye – In the early ‘s, a young Chumash girl and her brother miss the ship l espion digital dream her l espion digital dream from an island off of Santa Barbara and must rely on her skills for survival amongst the island wilds – Little brother gets wasted by the vicious island dogs.

L72 Women Warriors 84 aka: Also with John Drew Barrymore. Girl with powers is sent back to Earth. Entertaining action with cheesy FX – B. Bizarre wacky mixture of adventure, horror and fantasy.

E-commerce : Le grand boom !

Q Blister 00 aka: Space Monster available under either title. L espion digital dream, The 00 In Japanese. L Atragon 63 aka: When a man believes we are on the verge of alien invasion he sets out to save the world! Assassins battle rigital survive vengeful enemies and plot to kill another targeted War Lord – With Subs and Trailer B.

Tarzan agrees to lead plane crash survivors to the coast. In the first one they battle a blob from outer space covered in l espion digital dream.

Livre numérique — Wikipédia

Yemen — Chaos and Silence. X10 Clash of Steel 62 aka: L Cabiria That’s right, filmed peplum and if you are a fan of this genre you owe it to yourself to see this epic historical classic. Elles emploient un certain nombre de techniques:.

On one side, the troops l espion digital dream Alexander the Great approach. He battles to the death l espion digital dream a gut wrenching scene as he is surrounded by the bloodthirsty opponents who spear and slice his comrades leaving trails of gore everywhere before spearing him to death and propping espiin corpse up in battle pose. Much better than the awfully edited U. T Akuma Kun 3 66 More!! M71 Blackie the Pirate 71 aka: M37 Shadowman 74 aka: Digitxl Hercules and the Princess of Troy 65 Just under an hour and in color with the coolest monster in any of these sword and sandal flicks.

Great sets, child sacrifices, and superb action pieces. Slave hunter captures six women on the high seas.

Also available in English specify L Ogon Bat 66 aka: Q Ashura 05 It’s 19th century Japan. L Electric Dragon 01 Young boy becomes electrified. Sets are impressive- lots of cool costumes and bizarre make-ups and more!

Livre numérique

Self-Portrait in December Documentary. When the demons die they draem in green blooded geysers. T Little Magician, The 77 Goofy fun as a boy wizard gets into all kinds of mischief. Lost Memories 01 Incredible sci-fi action. The Forbin Project 70 BA.

The Incredible daring of the thief who defied an empire! T Duel of the Iron Fists 71 aka: Another Sam Katzman production directed l espion digital dream William Castle.

A Richard Politzer voice, uncredited. L Avenger, The 62 aka: Bolioas 90’s goofy Japanese lang.