I mean, can you see any other LEDs lighting up when you press on the power button? Make sure the wall outlet is working and the AC adapter is getting power from the outlet. The power inverter is working as backlighting is working when the LCD is normal. The magic button, not sure which one I keep pressing buttons until it stays on. Computers that are working and say power is connected is a dc jack problem.

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I minimize the laptop to a bare bone system and leave only a few key components: There was some zp noticeable on the keyboard, but very little. I started it up and the hard hp g60-230us xp made 2 booting noises and then stopped but the screen never lit up.

It up also hp g60-230us xp the onboard graphics card. Is it normal for the battery LED flash on the startup? What would damage the motherboard just like that on its own?! I hear two beeps and immediately cooling fan stops but the Hp g60-230us xp continue on, then I have to turn off the computer.

How do I troubleshoot this. I took apart my toshiba satillite a to replace the DC-IN cable. Have g60-30us tested the laptop with only one memory module installed? I refer to your web sidemy hp compaq presario v mother board confirm dead.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot. | Laptop Repair

After all assembled correctly what happens is that hp g60-230us xp post, it shuts off. If you have a voltmeter, you can test if the power gets to the motherboard when the power adapter is plugged in.

Check memory modules, try reconnecting them, removing one by one. I removed all the the parts from the motherboard battery, hp g60-230us xp, hard disk, everything.

If i stick the power cable in the battery led does go on and after some charging it jumps from orange to yellow indicating the battery is charged.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot.

I tried re-seating my RAM and hard drive. The laptop starts but there is no backlight. In this case you have to replace the entire motherboard.

Just by hp g60-230us xp your instructions you seem know almost everything about Toshiba laptops. Remove AC adapter, g60-2300us the battery and push on the power button. You need only motherboard, CPU with heat sink and fan and memory. The screen went black. If the external monitor works fine but the internal screen has no image at all, hp g60-230us xp problem can be related to:. The laptop will start properly when the failed module removed.

It comes in an external monitor. Px when you plug the AC adapter, the CPU starts running full speed hp g60-230us xp of lower speed for the battery mode. The power board is separate from MB but the light on the power board turns on. When I pluged it all back in it was taking a charge hp g60-230us xp. I will check back here over the next few days just in case someone posts a possible solution.

Known good memory module.

Should I get a new one? Do you think its the monitor g660-230us the video card? If the computer is still dead, try removing other internal components wireless card, modem, keyboard, etc… and test it with an external hp g60-230us xp after each removed part. Also, tried removing hardisk hp g60-230us xp wireless card still no result.

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First of all, make sure the memory module is seated correctly if you have it installed. Try reseating both modules. Maybe you have one of those HP laptops. The M35 when hp g60-230us xp failure mode lights up and charges and runs fan for 1 sec.

hp g60-230us xp Then when its about to load OS, the external monitor goes blank and it starts working on the laptop screen. So i dont think it has a power problem.