Clean contacts on the wireless card with pen eraser. I used it this morning troubleshooting a Portege R laptop. Does anybody has a suggestion for my problem? Try booting into Knoppix and set hight resolution on start up. Maybe the CPU slows down because of heat.

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Removing modem sony vaio pcg-k215m if needed. STEP sony vaio pcg-k215m Carefully remove the keyboard bezel using a small flathead screwdriver. I have a pcg kz. It had to be shut down with the power button.

Make sure the hard drive properly connected to the motherboard. Make sure the CPU and memory module are properly connected to the motherboard, reconnect them just in case and pcg-k25m the laptop again.

I did all the steps in the follow-up questions pgc-k215m it still showed error.

I can get to the BIOS just fine. Try removing them one by one and test the laptop with each memory module separately try different slots. This is my question. Hi all, I have got PCG-KS, I do not know, what sony vaio pcg-k215m going on, but my power adapter is out of sony vaio pcg-k215m, I have replaced it with new one, but after I tried to start it up, no effect, just power led light flashed. Hi Great guide here. An outside monitor works fine and shows the computer boots normally.

Did anyone sony vaio pcg-k215m the issues that many mention about increased memory not being recognised? Hi there I found this great guide which i used to fix a customers laptop. Anyway thanks to this guide and the comments below i had the courage to use some force to remove the heatsink after removing the screws, cleaned out all the dust and will apply new thermal paste to the overheating cpu. I had to load windows on the hard drive using another laptop.

Thinking it was a virus or something, I used the recovery disks I had made years ago. The RAM in there now sony vaio pcg-k215m a Samsung, which i added less than two years ago. Ok, here is my problem.

The fans turn on and the seat hink sony vaio pcg-k215m hot to the touch.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

Make memory modules are installed correctly. Probably the keyboard is bad and has to sony vaio pcg-k215m replaced. I did not dissesemble my sony PCG but I do have a troubleshooting question if you dont mind. I checked the little button the lid presses when closed to shut the screen off, its sony vaio pcg-k215m that.

Any advice appreciated and vauo, what a brilliant guide. Please reply as soon as possible.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K – Inside my laptop

I used this great guide for the purpose of cleaning out the cooling fans Sony vaio pcg-k215m cleaned out an astoninshing amount of dust and fur. Also, after you get them apart, be sure to clean off the old thermal compound with some rubbing alcohol before applying new grease…. Just in case, try reseating memory modules. I am just really in need of any help. Also, could be hard drive failure.

I purchased this laptop new and am familiar with its sony vaio pcg-k215m it has not been operated for 4 years. Maybe you accidentally pulled the video cable from the motherboard?

Before I ever took the laptop apart, the screen worked sony vaio pcg-k215m.

I am competent with electronics repair but sony vaio pcg-k215m to have instructions to prevent unnecessary damage. Have not seen this in other laptops faio was not sure Windows Mem management was to blame. Michael, I would check RAM modules. Did you try reconnecting memory modules?

If the laptop was working before sony vaio pcg-k215m took it apart, even though it was shutting down after a minute or two. I tried different compatible RAMS and still the same problem. Edd, I was wondering if someone could recommend what upgrades can I perform on my laptop.

It also helps to keep the tab up as you insert the ribbon upon re-assembly. What do sony vaio pcg-k215m think? I tried to reinsert the main flat cable in the LCD back area, and I noticed another small flat cable in the LCD circuit, but too thin and I really became afraid of trying to move it as appears to be hard fixed in place.