I had some trouble getting the cards in the right slots to prevent Open Firmware problems at boot time, but once I worked it out, the system was pretty much rock solid. Which some readers have done by hand or using the free utilities since No other PCI cards at the moment. I’ve been using it as a gaming machine for my kids, no critical files on it at all. Normally is bright, crisp, good color. The ATI ME appears to support this need, unfortunately my unit appears to be malfunctioning, as the video from the DVI-I port disappears at random times for several seconds the screen goes black and video from both ports starts generating random pixels trails when windows are moved. The will be put up for sale on eBay this weekend.

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ATI Radeon 9200 PCI

The card’s DVI-I output goes to black at zti times for about two seconds. More details if interested, but since a user asked for feedback on this specific thing, here’s an attached image file illustrating artifact issues.

I have tried changing settings in ATI display but non seem ati 9200 pci make any difference. A reader sent a note and some screenshots from the Mac Radeon PCI card sold here docs on high performance PCI and Ati 9200 pci display rotation options in the control panel.

ATI A ATI Radeon PCI Video Card | eBay

I turned on the Performance option on agi ATI utility, but it did not help. The absolute hardest part of ati 9200 pci whole nightmare has been ATIs complete and total lack of support. They continue to assert that the problem is in the Apple DVD player, not in their hardware of ati 9200 pci.

Twice I was cut off by tech support reps, and later given the excuse that Bell Canada had been performing pxi operations outside of ATIs offices, and that is the reason for being cut off. I’d be interested in knowing where to look for information ati 9200 pci help me decode the startup logs. I didn’t check the firmware version so I don’t know which it has.

I zapped the PRAM, ati 9200 pci couldn’t boot successfully for a while, had to boot from another disk, then back again. Bad news is, when installed in at 66MHz slot, there is continuous vertical pink banding on the monitor and what looks like electrical artifacts on the screen.

The painful rebuilding process: In trying to make the work, I tried numerous iterations of install methods.

The reason for examining the card is considerably different from what most users are interested in, which is game or motion video speed. This can be ati 9200 pci via ASP and looking at the Extensions section. With this update there is no need to send the card back to the original retail nor ATI. Bruno, I know you suggested I join your beta forum and I will, I’ve just been really busy buying a house and moving and I’ve had to try and solve the card issues ati 9200 pci time to meet the deadline for returning it if I “give up” on it.

I can confirm some specs of the PCI. For Suitcase bringing up the Suitcase ati 9200 pci I get the trailer affect coming from the left edge of the window. I have also tried to tweak the ATI PreferencePane control panel settings, including the PCI performance tab but the artifact is still there upon restart no matter what the settings are.

There was little or no difference in the performance of Quake 3 Arena 1. ati 9200 pci

ATI 102A3420300 ATI Radeon 9200 PCI Video Card

I popped it into my G5 and booted it up. One thing to note. Installed the driver from the CD. Well, I can’t if my screen is dark, you idiots! I’m still installing things and working out some unexpected issues, ati 9200 pci if you think that your readers would ati 9200 pci interested, I’d be glad to share some info after I’ve finished. I have tried different PCI slots on my Dimension but that won’t solve the problem.

Two other displays were attached VGA only and they both pcl the same pixel artifacts. I ati 9200 pci knew how beatiful this game actually was. If any other PCI owner sees a similar problem let me know. Regards, -Rod ” See below for Rod’s original report.

Keep up the outstanding work! I have also downloaded the ati 9200 pci drivers from teh ATI Shappire web site. It installs version 4. The computer is at home so I’ll find out tonight before running the latest FW patch and reinstalling the drivers.

I am unaware of any newer versions.